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Stenciling Supplies
·        Liner Brush*IMPORTANT STEP*(paint in bridges with brush on letters & numbers to make professional looking finished signs with no gaps in letters! 
·        Paint (Acrylic, latex, stencil etc.)
·         Paper towel to wipe excess paint off brush before stenciling ( Important Step)
·        Paper Plates for paint palette
·        Water for clean up
·        Painters tape to hold stencil in place (Green painters tape works great and is low tack so it does not damage your sign) You can also use Stencil Spray Adhesive to hold your stencil in place, available in most Craft Stores.
Stenciling Techniques
Stenciling is a dry brush technique. This means that you should use a minimum of paint and build up the color gradually which result in a crisp edge on your design with no bleeds under edges.
While you are painting, lift up the stencil occasionally to check the progress. The letters tend to look darker when you remove the stencil.
Pour a puddle of paint onto your paper plate. Pick up a small amount of paint on the tips of the bristles. Rub the brush in a circular motion on a clean spot of your paper plate to distribute the paint evenly in your stencil brush. Rub the brush in a circular motion on your paper towel to remove the excess paint. Holding the brush perpendicular to the surface apply the paint by pouncing the brush, called “stippling”. Reload your brush as needed.
The coverage should be light and transparent. If greater coverage is required, build up the paint gradually. As they say “several light coats are better than one heavy coat”. Remove paint build up on your brush by drawing it through a dampened paper towel or alternative use a clean dry brush. After removing the stencil, go back and fill in your bridges using a liner brush. Adding water to the paint at this point helps the liner brush flow evenly. This may take two coats for good coverage and to make the bridges completely disappear.
Clean Up
Cleaning your stencils will greatly prolong their life and uses. Protect your investment by taking good care of your stencils!
To clean stencils, use warm soapy water, immediately after use. If paint is “caked on”, you can use a product, I recommend   called “Painter’s Pal. This stuff is amazing, spray it on and rinse your stencil off in the sink, it will be as good as new. There are similar products on the market, look in your local hardware store paint department. If you use Spray Adhesive to hold your stencils in place, you can remove build up from the back of stencils using a product called “Goo Be Gone” These products are available at Wal-Mart and most hardware stores.
We hope you found these instructions helpful and that you enjoy your stencils for a long time to come.
If you have any questions, please e-mail us at